Platform-MPI 9.01

Platform MPI combines the broad adoption and scalability of HP-MPI
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Platform Computing, Inc.

Platform MPI™ is a high performance and production quality implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard for both the Linux and Microsoft® Windows operating systems. Platform MPI 8.1 combines the broad adoption and scalability of HP-MPI with the performance of Scali-MPI and is fully compliant with the MPI 1.2 and 2.2 standards.
-Portability: Reduces development effort through the use of the same MPI library for multiple architectures on both Linux and Windows.
-Performance: Optimizes performance without compromising portability or flexibility.
-Stability: Provides the quality and robustness that come from over a decade of production use.
-Support: Worldwide commercial support enabling problems to be resolved quickly.
-Compatibility: Supports a wide range of operating systems, interconnects and workload managers including Platform LSF, Microsoft HPC Server 2008, Altair PBSPro, and SLURM.

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